Removal of Vapor Deposited Coatings – Laser Cleaning

Glass & coated plastics

Laser cleaning offers a solution for the challenges of removing coatings applied by vapor deposition to glass and other surfaces in the automotive and other industries.
For example, glass treated with infrared reflective coatings for heat protection can be de-coated precisely, efficiently and very fast.
Laser Cleaning removes TCO coatings from solar panels to create clean edge isolation. The technology is equally effective for similar applications involving TFT monitors and displays.

Clean Moulds & Tools used for Applying PVD Coatings (incl. plasma vaporisation systems)

Laser cleaning removes PVD coatings from production parts as well as the tools and systems used for their application. Our technology removes these coating from tools, molds, fixtures, sensors and the inside of reaction chambers that become covered during the PVD application process and so require regular cleaning.

Moulds - Laser Cleaning
Laser cleaning effectively cleans these tools without harm down to the base material. Laser cleaning is effective on surfaces that are hot or cold. This saves time and energy related to reaction chamber heat-up/cool down cycles and increases the system’s service efficiency considerably.
Instead of cleaning a chamber interior with solvents, abrasive tools and grit blasting that can damage surfaces, laser cleaning de-coats reaction chambers interiors in a way that’s dust-free and is safe for weld seams and joints and sensitive components.


  • De-coating for attachment of functional features, e.g. inserting antenna structures into glass
  • De-coating solar panels
  • De-coating TFT monitors & displays
  • Creating voids in coatings for radio waves & radar
  • De-coating edges for adhesive bonding pre-treatment