NEMESIS P – portable topography measuring unit

Optical 3D measuring system – Portable topographical measuring system
NENESIS P represents a high resolution 3D measuring system for contactless measurement of surface topographies, profiles and roughness as well as thickness measurements on transparent layers.  Precision stages with linear drives assure service-free operation in laboratories and industrial production.
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NEMESIS P Measurement of pressure cups

NEMESIS P is a high-precision, 3D measuring system for the contactless measurement of topographies, profiles, and layer thicknesses. The use of linear axes with piezoelectric linear motors guarantees maintenance-free operation in the laboratory and in the factory.

The Multitop software is for data acquisition and measurement control.  the MARK III software provides extensive analysis of topography and profile.

Areas of Application

  • manufacturing and process control
  • quality assurance
  • research and development Overview (Optical 3D Measuring Systems)