CHRocodile IT – non-contact measurement of Wafers, Solar Cells and Modules

The new CHRocodile IT measuring system registers the silicon thickness with just one sensor

The new CHRocodile IT from Precitec Optronik offers simple and at the same time highly accurate layer thickness measurement for wafers and chips. It is capable of contact-free silicon scanning with one measuring point and can measure a wafer precisely to a thickness of 1 mm, during the grinding process.

The background to this new, non-destructive measuring process is a sensor that works with interferometry, using infrared light and not white light. Advantage: One measuring point with a very bright light allows measuring speeds up to 5 times faster under the same conditions, and a measuring range that is 10 times greater (up to 3.5 mm air gap) compared with the white light method. This allows the measuring unit to be integrated directly into a wafer production process thanks to its robust and simple configuration. The CHRocodile IT is also ideal for economical and highly accurate layer thickness measurements in the laboratory.

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Non-contact measurement of Si and GaAs wafers
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