CHRocodile X – optical sensor for medical devices

 measures thickness 14,000 times a second

If your target is topographic evaluation of large areas: try the high speed sensor CHRocodile X. This task is perfectly fulfilled up to 14 times faster compared to the former model CHR 150 E. images/OS0002t_CHRocodile_XV3.JPG

Typical Devices

  • Biomedical Sensors
  • Stents
  • Balloons
  • Films, liquid levels
  • Foils

Possible Measurement

  • Topography
  • Profile
  • Thickness
  • Multi-layer thickness
  • Fluid levels

With its Xenon technology the CHRocodile X achieves a significantly higher light emission than with the previously used Halogen bulbs in the CHR 150 E. This leads to the maximum scanning rate of 14 kHz on almost all surfaces.


images/0000pdf hi res.jpg Data Sheet – Optical Probes & Sensors 
 images/0000pdf hi res.jpg Application – measurement of medical devices using the CHRocodile E, X or IT