About Us

Leo Sexton completed his PhD in Laser Processing (Additive Manufacture) in 1995 at Liverpool University before embarking on a postdoctoral position at the Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology,  Aachen, Germany.   Subsequently he set up a laser research facility at University College Dublin, establishing his own consultancy firm in 2000, promoting the use of lasers in manufacturing industry.   He has worked on several EU Projects developing alternative deposition techniques for adding novel protective coatings to worn components for enhanced corrosion and wear resistance and has given extensive seminars on the topic internationally.  He successfully implemented the laser cladding process (Additive Manufacture) to Multinational Aerospace companies.  Within this industry, specification and installation of laser systems (for Laser Hardening and Cladding and also for Laser Cleaning) was carried out.   Leo has played a pivotal role in introducing laser technology to Ireland..

The range of activities of LaserAge
is brought together under one topic – harnessing the power of light. We
offer applied research and development in: Medical, Semiconductor, Automotive,
Aerospace and Injection Mould Industries.

From the macro to the micro, we
have acquired a spectrum of clients that together we are developing laser
manufacturing solutions, which gives a competitive edge, improvements in
quality, faster turn-around-times and ultimately higher profits.

  • We combine precision
    Engineering with laser (micro) machining
  • We open up new markets by expanding customer’s capabilities, developing new processes and implementing cost effective
  • We meet the demands of tomorrow’s technological challenges.
  • We develop innovative processes, which in turn leads to
    Next Generation Technology, on a wide range of applications and materials.
  • We offer a Process and Productivity Improvement Service from concept through to production.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide Precision
Laser-Based Manufacturing Solutions at the lowest possible cost. We provide specification and selection of
industrial laser systems based on next generation laser technology.


Our Core Competencies:

  • Laser Processing Know-How
  • Process and Productivity Improvements
  • Funding Mechanisms for R&D
  • Expand Processing Capabilities
  • Develop New Products
  • Enter New Markets
  • Training & Support