CHRocodile M4 – increasing quality & economy in bottle production

Contact-free measurement of bottle thickness and roundness with the new CHRocodile M4
The new thickness measurement system CHRocodile M4 from Precitec Optronik now provides a particularly economical solution for inline inspections during the production of bottles and container glass. images/OS0003t_chrocodile_M4.jpg
The system from the successful CHRocodile range of sensors directly records the thickness and roundness of the glass body without contact and with high precision during the ongoing production process. This means that it is not necessary to take and measure samples during the production process, so as to readjust the system if necessary following the production of a large number of rejects.
So that very minor flaws can still be detected even at fast belt speeds of (for example) 4m/s, CHRocodile M4 works with a high measuring rate of 4000 measurements per second. It does not matter whether transparent glass bottles or coloured glass vessels are passing along the production line.

images/0000pdf hi res.jpg Data Sheet – Optical Probes & Sensors 

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Article – Measuring glass thickness and roundness
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images/0000pdf hi res.jpg Application – Measuring  transparent film Thickness