CHRocodile M10 – synchronised measurements up to 10 channels

Optical Sensor: Distance and thickness measurement with 10 channels

The optical sensor CHRocodile M10 offers up to 10 independent measuring channels. They can be used to measure the distance to any surface as well as the thickness of transparent materials.  With the CHRocodile M10 sensor the thickness of non transparent materials like metal bands and paper can be measured quickly and efficiently. images/OS0008t_chrocodile_M10.jpg
Simple setup and ease of integration to production gives the Precitec range of sensors that unique quality, which seperates them for the competition.  The CHRocodile M10 can also be used in the laboratory and for offline applications
images/0000pdf hi res.jpg Data Sheet – Optical Probes & Sensors 
images/0000pdf hi res.jpg Datasheet – CHRocodile M10