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Mold Cleaning

Precision mold cleaning for Al, Steel, Casting, Tire & Baking molds; Anilox Print rolls; CFRP/GRP and PVD tools, using laser technology is an economical alternative to traditional methods. Laser mold cleaning is a green process that quickly and safely removes...

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Rust Removal

Laser cleaning removes oils, grease, oxide layers, rust, selective paint removal and other residues resulting in the substrate’s surface condition being prepped for applying the nished and nal coatings. No post cleaning required after laser process.Laser cleaning...

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Paint Removal/De-Coating

The laser systems can partially remove coatings, layer by layer, precisely in discrete areas, or completely cleaning /de-coating the part. Laser de-coating uses pulsed laser light that uses no chemicals, abrasives and or blast media, unlike the traditional methods....

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