Application Examples of 3D Optical non-Contact Surface Profiling

Below are some expamples of thickness and surface profile measurements on different materials for industrial and research laboratory applications

Contact Lens Holder Seal

Fresnel Lens Profile

Laser drilled dimples in Metal

Breakage point in beverage can

Integrated Circuit

Halogen bulb 2 mm x 2 mm Surface outside

Punctured Foil

Medical Blister Pack Seal

Array of plastic micro lenses

Topography of Printing Roll

Profile of a 2 Mark Coin

Varnish Thickness on Metal Disk

Halogen bulb 2 mm x 2 mm Surface inside

Synthetic Leather Profile

Catheter balloon wall thickness measurement

Ball Grid Array

Laser Ablated Micro Mould of a Lens Holder

Embossed Paper Print

Mould Insert Surface Defect

Calculated glass thickness

Measurement Thickness of a Rotating Bottle