Packaging Industry – non contact measurement of thin materials, such as metal, paper, cardboard, (synthetic) fabric

14,000 samples per second permits rapid production speeds of sheet materials

The unit for detecting the thickness and topography of transparent and also opaque materials can measure not only the thickness and topography of the product band, but also the surface finish, e.g., lacquer or gloss layer, directly during the manufacturing process.

This is a non-contact process thus eliminating the need for destructive testing. With the CHRocodile sensor’s sampling rates can be as high as 14 kHz.


The unit is designed for integration into existing production lines.  It can be installed to give real time information to provide process control.  The system utilizes the chromatic white light sensors of the new CHRocodile product family designed by Precitec Optronik. Application – Non-contact Measurement of Film Thickness Press Release – Measure Thickness of thin films, paper, cardboard and fabric