NEMESIS WT contactless measuring system

Chromatic Nemesis WT Measuring System for thickness and simultaneous topographical measurements of non-transparent surfaces, i.e., SiC wafers.
The NEMESIS WT measuring system made by Precitec Optronik, Rodgau, Germany offers a simple way of measuring samples of very thin materials such as SiC wafers and similar materials.
The system is designed for detecting thickness and topography of both transparent and opaque materials.   The data acquisition of the surface topography is carried out by the optical white light sensor.  The chromatic coded principle allows high precision measurement of distance and thickness independend of surface texture.

A range of optical probes enables measurement of different structures from a few microns up to several millimeters with submicron resolution.

This is a non-contact system eliminating any damage to the surface allowing samples to be returned as sellable products.


images/MS0003_NEMESIS WT.jpg


The Multitop software is for data acquisition and measurement control.  the MARK III software provides extensive analysis of topography and profile. Overview (Optical 3D – Measuring Systems)