CHRocodile MI5 – on-line applications in the wafer and Solar cell industries

5 Channel Optical Sensor: Contactless measurement of wafers and solar cells

The new CHRocodile MI5 is the modular 5 channel version of the already well established CHRocodile IT sensor. It performs high-precision, non-contact distance and layer thickness measurements on wafers and solar cells at up to 5 different locations. With one measuring head per channel, it is capable of measuring up to 1 mm thick silicon from one side. images/OS0007t_chrocodile_MI5.jpg
The basis for this nondestructive measurement is an interferometric sensor which examines the substrate with infrared light. The CHRocodile MI5 is designed for simple and direct integration into the production process. One possible application is on-line thickness measurement of Si-wafers.  Measurements can also be taken on other common infrared transparent materials, such as GaAs.
images/0000pdf hi res.jpg Data Sheet – Optical Probes & Sensors 
images/0000pdf hi res.jpg Datasheet – CHRocodile MI5
images/0000pdf hi res.jpg Application – Non contact measurement of Solar Wafers