Semiconductor Industry – non-contact measurement of Wafers and Solar Cells

On-line wafer thickness measurement during grinding

The semiconductor and electronic industry is depending on high quality standards.   Therefore they profit from the high precision of the CHRocodiles with a lateral resolution of microns and height resolution of submicrons.

Typical Applications:

 – measurement of structures on semiconductors


 – manufacturing of masks,
 – quality assurance on bondings (length of leads etc.),
 – measurement of transparent coatings,
 – determination of varnish thickness (e.g. photo lacquer or damping layer on ICs).

And the best is you save a lot of time on your measurements! Particularly the CHRocodile X with it’s Xenon short arc lamp, which beats the pants off other systems. Datasheet – Non-contact measurement of Wafers and Solar Cells Press Release – Measuring Silicon thickness with just one Sensor Press Release – Nemesis XV measures SiC wafer thickness Press Release – Nemesis WT measuring system…non-contact thickness measurements of SiC wafers