CHRocodile S – excellent price-peformance ratio


Optical Sensor for non-contact distance and thickness measurement

The newest sensor CHRocodile S, with its modern design, represents the latest generation of optical distance and thickness measuring devices. It is applicable for highly accurate distance and topography measurements as well for measuring optically transparent materials (glass, films, varnish etc.). Its low price  enables customers of all budgets to benefit from the numerous advantages of the CHRocodile sensors images/OS0005t_chrocodile_S.jpg
The sensor can be used like a table top unit but it is also easy to integrate into production facilities and machines. All measuring data are available for further processing on its interfaces (USB, RS232/422, analog). The synchronization can be done by using trigger and encoder signals. Duo to its screw-on top hat rail fastener the CHRocodile S is easily mounted in control cabinets



images/0000pdf hi res.jpg Data Sheet – Optical Probes & Sensors 
 images/0000pdf hi res.jpg Datasheet – CHRocodile S