Universal Jig & 7700 Series
Laser Micro Welding System

Micro Welding Laser System
for Mold Repair

Today’s mold repair micro-welding laser industry is characterized by rapidly changing, ever-evolving customer demands and intense competition. Innovative ideas, successful designs and a strong commitment to superior quality and performance are the fundamentals of LaserStar Technologies Corporation.

LaserStar’s Universal Jig offers a significant, competitive advantage for today’s operators looking to unleash the power of hot light, benefit from a comfortable, ergonomic design and ensure optimal platform flexibility for the widest range of on-site repair applications.

Our commitment to electrical design efficiency ensures the highest level of hot-light energy transfer from the LaserStar source through the welding zone. The result is a significant pulse energy advantage while maintaining minimum water cooling temperatures and 24-hour operational performance.

LaserStar micro welding laser systems are ideal for a wide range of large plastic injection mold, tool & die maintenance and repair applications.

  • Lay a bead as small as .0025” / 0.05mm
  • Repair slots, pockets, radius contours and angles
  • Repair polished, textured and engraved surfaces
  • Repair thin walls with little or no warping
  • Repair parting line edges and heat sensitive areas
  • Alloys include tool steel, aluminum, copper, titanium and powdered metals

The LaserStar micro welding laser produces a high quality result, reduces the amount of handwork required before polishing and practically eliminates sink lines.

Jig Features

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Laser Specifications


Technical Profile 150 Watt
LaserStar Lasing System Class 4
Wavelength 1,064µm
Output Pulse Energy 0,5 – 120 Joules
Maximum Peak Power 10.0 kW
Average Power 150 Watts
Pulse Length 0,5 – 50 Milli-seconds
Pulse Frequency 0,5 – 20 Hz
Beam Diameter 0,05mm – 2,00 mm
Cooling System Internal Water-To-Air
Cooling Capacity-Run Time 24 hour/Continuous
Supply Circuit 230V (+/-10%),50/60Hz
30 Amp, Three Phase
Binocular Microscope 15x (optional 25x, 40x)
Illumination System Dual Halogen
Pulse Performance Profile Technology (P3) Exclusive Integrated Software
Programming Memory 80 text cells
Automatic Sleep Mode Exclusive Integrated Software
Parameter Adjustment Features External Keypad Operator
Interface Terminal
Preventative Maintenance Alert Software Yes
Motorized Beam Expander Yes
Shield Gas Supply Dual Nozzle
Pedestal Power Supply Unit
“Footprint” Dimensions
30”H x 24”W x 35”L
762mm x 610mm x 890mm
Weight (Unpackaged) 250 lbs / 114 Kg
Warranty Coverage (Parts & Labor) One year
Laser Safety Certification Compliance FDA(CDRH), UL, CSA, CE
Country of Origin Made In USA

Note: Fatigue test data can be provided upon request.