Laser Marking & Engraving Systems

3801 Series – FiberCube Laser Marking System

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The FiberCube® laser marking and laser engraving system is a compact, turnkey marking,
engraving and cutting system that offers the benefits of a non-contact,
abrasion-resistant, permanent laser mark, laser engraving, or cut onto
almost any type of material. These laser marking systems offer the
speed, reliability and flexibility required to meet stringent quality
control and process certification standards.
FiberCube® Systems integrate the FiberStar laser marking source and provide controllable pulse rates that can be
adjusted from continuous wave to single pulse for deep laser marking,
cutting, or fast throughput thermal mark applications at up to 200
characters per second.
FiberCube® Systems are ideal for a wide range of applications including flat
surfaces, advanced integrated XYZ motion for step-and-repeat laser
marking, or coordinated rotary motion for seamlessly laser marking
around a circumference. LaserStar’s CAD2 operating software provides complete coordination of all integrated systems.
As a turnkey solution provider, LaserStar’s Applications Specialists will evaluate your laser marking or engraving
requirements, define the application goals and objectives, specify and
verify the correct marking platform, and define a complete laser system
configuration to accomplish the desired results.

Jewelry Engraving & Cutting • Solar & Semiconductor
Bio Sensor Production 
• Thin Film Polymers
General Marking & Engraving Automotive (Parts and Displays)
ID Cards & Mobile Phones • Medical Devices & Implants
Electronics & Sensors/Instruments Industrial Components
Manufacture of Processed Parts


Performance Features

  • Large Viewing Chamber Window
  • Digital Messaging Display
  • Adjustable Halogen Chamber Lighting
  • Dual Air Knife Flexible Hoses
  • Multi Function T-Slot Plate Design
  • Adjustable Fume Extraction Tubes
  • Precision Z-Axis Adjustment
  • Compact Rotary Motion Devices
  • (optional)

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Technical Specification

Laser Type Pulse Fiber Laser
Wavelength 1062 nm +/- 3 nm (Nominal)
Beam Diameter (focus) < 30 µm
Pulse Frequency 1 – 500 kHz
Laser Peak Power >10 kW
Output Power 10, 20, 30, 40 or 50W
Output Fiber Length 3.0 meters
Cooling System Fully air cooled, heat-sink
Marking Field Size Variable
Focusing Optics 100, 160, 254 – Theta Lens Available1
Profile Laser Visible, red-beam pilot laser for easy positioning of the workpiece
Z-Axis Mechanical or Motorized
Electrical Connection 110 – 230 V (+/-10%) 16 A, 50/60Hz
Warranty Coverage 3 Years Laser Engine
2 Years all other Parts
Laser Safety Compliance FDA(CDRH), UL, CSA, CE
1Additional F-Theta Flat Field Lenses available upon request.  Additional Focal
Length Lenses available upon request.  Note:  In the interest of technical progress, we reserve the right to make technical
changes without notice.