Focus Heads

LaserStar Focus Heads provide exceptional beam quality while efficiently transferring the laser beam from the fiber cable to the focus head. Benefits include minimal spherical aberration, optimal beam spatial profile, and a precision beam diameter as small as 40 microns.
LaserStar offers a wide range of fiber diameters and focus heads to satisfy complex industrial applications. Straight, right angle (90 deg), power monitoring and CCTV Camera configurations, along with a wide range of focal lengths, ensure the proper solution for all precision laser welding requirements.

Features & Benefits

  • Fiber Cable Diameters from 100 – 1000 microns
  • Standard and Custom Fiber Cable Lengths
  • Wide Range of Working Distances
  • Ideal for Low and High Power Applications
  • Industrial Mounting Bracket – Gantry Compatible
  • CCTV Camera “Thru-the-Lens” Viewing
  • Custom Optic and Focus Head Body Designs
  • Cross-Hair Generator for Accurate Target Acquisition
  • Power Monitor / Energy Sampling
  • High Resolution Monitors Available