Pre-Treatment for brazing and Welding

Laser technology is ideal for cleaning steel and aluminum surface in welding preparation for industries that includes automotive, precision tool manufacturing, shipbuilding and more. Laser weld preparation is a proven method with a long history of success in automotive brazing and welding applications.
Laser cleaning removes lubricants, ferrous and non-ferrous contaminants from metals to produces high quality welds and brazed seams that are smooth and pore-free offering highest stability and quality for visible seams.


  •  De-oiling
  • De-greasing
  • Removal of oxide layers
  • Removal of hydrates
  • Shop-primer removal


  • Precise treatment of joining surfaces over a wide range of material thicknesses
  • No harm to galvanized layers of sheet steel when being pre-treated
  • Typical rates for welding preparation at 20 mm thickness:
  • Aluminum sheet approx. 5 m / min.
  • Removal of shop primer up to 20 m / min.
  • De-oiling and cleaning of steel up to 10 m / min.

In addition to brazing and welding preparation, finished weld joints can be cleaned to remove thermal stains and weld residues such as oxides and residual flux materials.
Parts made of stainless steel benefit from laser treatment in particular; laser light suspends the grain boundaries and thus weld-seams are passivated and exhibit increased corrosion resistance.