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Laser Cleaning of Composite Molds

Laser cleaning technology is particularly effective for cleaning large-area moulds/tools used to manufacture composite carbon fiber/glass reinforced plastic CFRP/GRP. In co-operation with renowned European aerospace industries, our process has proven that moulds of nickel, steel, aluminum and high strength steel can be laser cleaned efficiently and without damage to the base material.
Laser Cleaning of composite Moulds
Today, laser cleaning method has been established as the most cost-effective option for aerospace mould cleaning. Compared to ice pellet blasting for instance, laser cleaning is considerably easier to automate, very quiet and up to 15 times faster. Moreover, the laser method does this without the need to clean-up process and abrasive residues.
The bottom line: laser cleaning technology significantly reduces the manufacturing production costs of CFRP / GRP components.


  • Cleaning rates above 20 m²/h in automated operation
  • No damage to sensitive tools
  • Residue-free cleaning
  • Green technology – no pollution
  • Operating costs under 30 Euro-Cent per m² (depending on application)
  • Versatile laser optics can be used for manual and/or automated cleaning
  • Proved successful and currently used in aerospace applications worldwide

Whenever fiber reinforced composites are used, from wind power, automotive to aerospace industries – laser cleaning has the technology to offers a unique solution for mould cleaning as well as the pre-treatment of these advanced materials to optimize adhesive bonding!

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