Rust Removal

Pre treatment

Mold Cleaning





Stripping layer by layer with Laser

Usually lasers remove all layers up to the base material.When removing selected areas laser pulses have to be directed and controlled exactly. In doing so, the amount of pulses per spot is decisive. With each pulse a thin layeris removed. The cleanLASER can remove selected layer by layer.
By carefully monitoring the process, coating layers can be removed to the precise degree required – no more/no less – when treating layers of uniform thickness. Top coats can be laser removed/ablated to expose the base material primers. The laser process provides excellent re-coating properties confirmed by US Air Force testing & according to international aviation standard SAE 4812.

Uses no media, no dust, no chemicals, no clean-up, residue-free de-coating ;Green technology – no pollution ; Fast set-up, simple to operate ;
Hand-held laser optics – versatile & ergonomically designed; Easy to automate, robotic optics available;
Beam delivery by flexible fiber optic cable up to 100m long; Space-saving compact portable & stationary systems; Environmentally friendly – no secondary waste; Low operating cost; Minimal maintenance; Used successfully in aerospace; automotive & industrial applications worldwide


Aerospace: Paint-removal while maintaining primer.
Automobile industry: selected top coat removal for bonding preparation while maintaining corrosion resistance of the primer (e.g. bonding of windscreens)
Corrosion resistance and maintenance: Weathered top coatings are removed thoroughly before new paint finish

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