Adhesive Bonding Preparation of Metals – Laser Cleaning

Lasers offer solutions for today’s demanding adhesive bonding requirements for metals. Laser surface preparation is a totally unique method that cleans with unmatched quality, repeatability and reliability necessary to ensure long-term adhesion performance. Our laser systems remove oxides and contaminants to enhance adhesive bond strength.
Further, the laser beam can be fine tuned to precisely modify the surface of metals such as aluminium and magnesium for micro-structuring. Laser intensity can be adjusted to accommodate a wide-range of adhesives from low to high viscosity.  The result… a clean surface is achieved with very high corrosion resistance, that’s idea for stable, long-term adhesive bonding in many applications.


  • Optimized surface conditioning for adhesive bonding
  • Oxide removal with improved corrosion resistance for light metals
  • Stable substrate bond-line interface
  • Media-free, no chemicals, completely dry, clean & green process
  • Ideal for in-line use immediately before bonding step
  • Process monitoring via optional sensor technology
  • Customized optics for special geometries (ShareMOTION)
  • Structuring for surface enlargement


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