Pre-Treatment – Laser Cleaning

LaserAge has the technology  when preparing surfaces prior to coatings that removes virtually any kind of contamination from metal surfaces, including oxides, grease, oil, chlorides and many other organic and inorganic residues.
Laser surface preparation prepares surfaces without the problems related to conventional methods.
Traditional surface preparation, such as abrasive blasting, solvent or chemical cleaning can leave harmful contaminants and residues on the surface that reduce coating bond strength while creating secondary waste.
A laser cleaned surface is truly CLEAN with no clean-up required and no secondary waste to dispose of.


  • Cleaning and pre-treatment using laser light requires no consumables, ie, blast media, and no chemicals
  • It is a non-contact and non-abrasive method of cleaning.
  • Ideal preparation of metal parts
  • High cleaning rates
  • Laser cleaning produces surfaces with excellent bond strength quality for coating durability and corrosion resistance
  • Laser technology is ideally suited for flat or curved surface and parts with certain limitation for highly complex 3D geometries as well as elastomeric materials and plastics

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