Plasma Vapour Deposition – Laser Cleaning

Coating applications by PVD has become increasingly important in modern surface treatment technology. However, during the process, the applied coating not only adheres to the target surface, it also collects on surrounding surfaces including the tools and fixtures used to hold parts within the reaction chamber.
Overtime, excess PVD coated materials lead to unwanted effects such as reduced work-piece tolerances with poor sealing within chamber resulting in increased humidity and extended heat-up times.
The solution: Laser cleaning with LaserAge


  • Efficient de-coating of multiple coating layers
  • No mechanical damage, no damage to weld seams or sealing surfaces
  • Reduction of heat-up cycle times
  • Green process – no media, no chemical, no secondary waste, no clean-up, no mess!
  • Typical chamber cleaning can be accomplished in only a few hours

Laser cleaning technology removes even the most difficult vapour deposited layers, including diamond-like carbon coatings as well as other wear-resistant coatings. The remarkable power of bundled laser light has the ability to vaporize these “bulletproof” coatings. The result… precision metallic base materials are cleaned free of all residues and without damage.
The interior of plasma chambers can be efficiently laser de-coated and cleaned as well, either manually or semi-automatically.

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