Laser beam cleaning technology – competitive advantages

  • residue-free
  • no abrasives, mordants or detergents
  • cleaning is possible without interrupting the production process
  • short set-up times & low disposal costs
  • industrial, proven technology
  • automatization of the cleaning process, high repeatability
  • manual application possible

Variety of Applications

  • de-greasing before welding, soldering or bonding processes
  • pretreatment and cleaning of large surface areas before lacquering or coating
  • partial de-lacquering of metallic components for bonding or joining technologies
  • automated cleaning of sensitive surfaces during the production process

Tool & Mould Cleaning

  • non-abrasive cleaning offers new possibilities in tool and mould construction
  • cleaning of ”hot” tools during the production process
  • no set-up times for installation and removal of the tools
  • no contamination of the working area
  • manual cleaning speeds of up to 50 cm² per minute possible
  • even higher cleaning speeds in automated operation.
  • Result: extended tool life longer cycles due to slower re-contamination

de-lacquering of Metallic Components

  • de-lacquering of galvanized steel without loss of corrosion resistance
  • selective de-lacquering (layer per layer) in automated operation, 2cm²/s
  • removal of crack products and other oil residues<
  • post treatment of (stainless steel) welding joints
  • removal of adhesive and sealant residues
  • removal of anodizing or vaporization layers

Joining and Lacquering Pretreatment

  • pretreat (locally) the joining parts in the junction area
  • de-greasing metallic parts (e.g. removal of drawing compounds)
  • removal of passivation as well as oxide and corrosion layers
  • roughening of bonding areas (surface extension)
  • lower costs due to:
  • fully automated in-line cleaning without interruption of the production process
  • easy integration into existing manufacturing sequences
  • high cleaning speeds during the degreasing process

Cleaning of Sensitive Materials (art-historical treasures)

  • dirt and weathering layers can be removed from restorable objects without damaging the natural patina.
  • removal of layers on woods with fine structures.
  • removal of layers.
  • wax coatings.
  • coats of paint.
  • iron garnishments.
  • cast-iron decorations.

Portable Laser Cleaning Systems – a convincing technology

  • high/ medium laser capacity (80/120 Watt) for efficient process speeds
  • compactbmobile construction
  • integrated compressor cooling system
  • low-maintenance
  • robust construction
  • low operation costs
  • fibre optic beam delivery system (no mirrors thus maintenance-free)
  • Custom optics heads for different applications

Portable Laser Beam Cleaning

  • Optics head is ergonomically designed, comfortable to operate with built in extractor
  • low weight
  • compact dimensions
  • integrated/attachable suction head
  • maintenance-free
  • robust construction
  • integrated focusing and deflection technology
  • working distance; 30-150 mm
  • laser beam parameters set remotely
  • safety elements

Optics Heads for Automated Applications

Cleaning with Robots
Nearly every object can be cleaned by our laser beam cleaning system in connection with modern automation technology without using abrasives. Our optics heads can be coupled to every automation technology, from a simple positioning unit up to a portal robot.
The interfaces of the laser system allow easy communication with other systems and are prerequisite for the integration of the laser beam cleaning technology into the production line. Because of our adaptable cleaning optics that are coupled to the light guide, both delicate and extensive components can be cleaned efficiently and fully automatic.