This piston has been removed from an electrical generator that is used to convert methane gas from land fill to electricity. As one might imagine the methane has not been scrubbed so is unclean, meaning the piston burns a lot of impurities. These impurities contaminate the piston, causing it to overheat and generally not operate very well. As you can see the laser removes this contaminant very easily indeed. The alternative and present method is sandpaper, spatulas, a lot of elbow grease and all this damages the piston. Laser Cleaning is not mechanical and non contact and no substrate material is removed during the cleaning process. LaserAge was established as a supplier of bespoke laser systems and laser accessories to manufacturing industry. We hope to educate our subscribers on the latest in Laser Cleaning (decoating, depainting, decontamination, pretreatment, oxide layer removal, etc.), Laser Welding (for weld repair and Additive Manufacture), and Laser Marking and Engraving technology. Be sure to subscribe to our channel, www.LaserAge.TV