Selective Tribological Optimisation of Fluid Kinetics and Efficiency by Laser Surface Structuring – Stokes


images/CL127_structuring-steel-plate.jpgAs this state-of-the-art project, STOKES, the techniques for laser surface structuring, particularly for tribological applications were mainly on an R&D level but the production technology was in need of a technology transfer.  Main topics in this research field were; pre- and post-treatment steps of current laser structuring techniques as well as high production rates. The overall goal of this project was to address these issues by the development and realisation of laser structuring technology, enabling the laser surface structuring process that can be integrated into the production of hydraulic parts and other wear prone parts.

Project Objective

images/CL120a_2014C_110_SEM image of single shot laser dimple in Polyurethane.JPGThe project aimed to focus on a defined segment of a growing market and demonstrated the technological achievements that were offered to the participating SMEs.  The results gained from these trials on component parts were further extended to other products in different market sectors, thereby widening the value-add enhancement further.

A consortium was established, which covered the laser equipment required and processing technology as well as surface analysis and characterisation for the processed parts.  Manufacturers of hydraulic parts weremembers of the consortium so real-time case studies were investigated.  Two established RTD performers have good experience of working together, and offered complementary capability to each other on laser processing and Tribological Analysis.

Grant Agreement number: 286783
Funding Scheme: FP7-BSG-SME
Period start date: 01/12/2011
Period end date: 31/01/2014
Name of the scientific representative of the project’s coordinator and organisation:


Contact: Andreas Jansen (Dr)

Steinbachstrasse 17, 52074, Aachen, GERMANY

Tel: 0049 241 8904 0