Industrial Cleaning Lasers

The P-Laser Mid-High Power Systems (200W-1000W) are designed around a powerful, fibre laser source. Mid-power lasers deliver performance with gentleness for precise de-coating and cleaning in many industrial applications. Using powerful short pulses of laser light, high-value parts can be treated without damage and virtually no emissions. Laser cleaning applications include surface prep for:

  • bonding and welding
  • de-coating metallic surfaces –
  • fully or selectively, removal of production residues from tools,
  • moulds
  • and many more…..

The main difference between the low and High Power systems is the requirement for the addition of water cooling systems due to the increase in the higher power of the Laser and the additional heat generated.


  • PLC controlled laser emission for maximum industrial security
  • 1D or 2D scanner, for manual use or robot integration
  • Unique cleaning software “CleanSweep©” for optimal process settings, smooth surface finish and prevention of surface damage
  • Industry-grade components
  • High quality laser source with the longest lifetime: >50.000 hrs!
  • Fibre laser source
  • Space-saving, compact construction
  • Laser class 4 product

Each unit is designed to consistently deliver high performance with reliability and do so virtually maintenance-free and comes with a Mobile Head for handheld application to surfaces.

P-Laser Cleaning Lasers are easy to set-up, operate and automate. Just, plug it in, turn it on and start cleaning/de-coating – without chemicals, media, dust, water and or messy clean-up and residue disposal.

Automated Laser Cleaning Solutions

While the laser can be delivered by mobile optics, higher power laser systems lend themselves to automated rigs which can be programmed for automated in line cleaning to increase process efficiency, where routine cleaning and short turnaround times are essential.

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