Laser Process R&D

The range of activities of LaserAge is brought together under one topic – harnessing the power of light. We offer applied research and development in: Medical, Semiconductor, Automotive, Aerospace and Injection Mould Industries.

From the macro to the micro, we have acquired a spectrum of clients that together we are developing laser manufacturing solutions, which gives a competitive edge, improvements in quality, faster turn-around-times and ultimately higher profits.

  • We combine precision Engineering with laser (micro) machining
  • We open up new markets by expanding customer’s capabilities, developing new processes and implementing cost effective solutions.
  • We meet the demands of tomorrow’s technological challenges.
  • We develop innovative processes, which in turn leads to Next Generation Technology, on a wide range of applications and materials.
  • We offer a Process and Productivity Improvement Service from concept through to production.

Using our extensive laser processing experience, we currently participate is several national and international projects….

images/LP01_LOGO_Stokes.jpg images/LP02_Laser_Peening.jpg
Laser Surface Structuring Laser Surface Peening
images/LP03_LOGO_European_Commission.jpg images/LP04_Laser_ Welded_Guide_Wire_Tips.jpg
European Commission Laser Processing of Medical Devices
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